Xiaomi’s Rumored Dual-Fold Phone Could Be Twice the Fun

I really want a foldable smartphone for no very good reason other than that they look extremely cool but their $1,000 plus price tags mean I’m keeping my credit card locked up. Now, a rumored Xiaomi foldable could be the next great gadget to tempt me. The Chinese manufacturer is reportedly working on the world’s first dual fold smartphone to be released next year. The phone would join the ranks of bendy mobiles like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Motorola Razr, and Samsung Galaxy Fold. Xiaomi Pres

Apple Watch SE: Great Specs at a Reasonable Price

If you want a smartwatch with a speedy processor and a great screen, but don’t feel the need to obsessively monitor your health, the new Apple Watch SE is the one to get. The SE, starting at $279, bests its competitors in almost every respect. The screen is clear, sharp, and bright, and the performance is zippy. All it lacks is the ECG and blood oxygen monitoring of its more expensive Series 6 big brother, but there’s a good argument to be made that Apple’s health features aren’t for everyone.
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