Nearly Two Decades Later, Apple’s G4 Keyboard Is Still the Best

As much as I love Apple’s new M1 iMac I, despise its keyboard, but I may have finally found a perfect replacement with a nearly 20-year-old design. I picked up a brand new iMac G4 keyboard on eBay for less than $30 the other day, and I couldn’t be happier. The keyboard that comes with the M1 iMac is tiny, sleek, and runs on Bluetooth, but it’s unusable with its small keys. The G4 keyboard, on the other hand, is massive and connects via USB, but it's perfect for people who need to type. The G4

Why Apple’s G3 iBook is Still Great

Apple has added a splash of color to its new iMac lineup, but the company’s dearly departed clamshell iBook G3 still wins as the most colorful and cheerful computer ever made. I own a clamshell iBook, as it’s known, and it still runs as smoothly as ever, more than two decades after it was released. I use it regularly for writing and even after all this time, it’s a practical, albeit limited, computer. The iBook was introduced in 1999, soon after the then newly released iMac. The iBook G3 has a
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